Rational Thoughts on the Ammo Shortage

The factory manager is tired of getting hammered in social media…

In the wake of all the criticism, several factories have opened for video tours:



SIG: (The SIG plant is new)

And older video on S&B:

It should be clear that you can’t setup one of these factories overnight to satisfy peak demand.  But, the profits from selling higher margin ammo (+P sells for double that of standard velocity, but costs about a penny more to make) should finance some new plant facilities.

Consolidation (multiple brand distribution chains owned by the same company, and manufactured in the same factory) is clearly one of the issues causing more shortage than might exist if they were all independent.

Also, if you manufacture components like Primers, Cases, Bullets and Powder, and you can make more profit assembling them all into completed ammunition, would you even consider selling components to the reloading market? Yet – limited quantities seem to be available…

I expect that with new employees in training and working the lines, additional shifts are being staffed at the factories, and will be for the next year or two. Just keep your eye out for quality issues on new ammo.

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