The Case For Corruption

President Trump’s legal team has documented thousands of cases of voter fraud committed in the 2020 election. Depositions. Video testimony. Statistical impossibilities. And yet, word on the street is to ignore that man in front of the curtain… Here’s the press conference:

Echos of Reagan…. “There you go again… letting truth and the facts interfere with a potent propaganda campaign… “

The Leftist secular socialist Democrat political machine plays the long game. They very likely have extensive planning for this operation, and it had to include the aftermath.

In this, there are a large number of operations. Holder has the redistricting “fair elections” operation for rigging voting districts through court decisions about “racist districts”. Others have Voter ID suppression; Election Board packing; Vote counting operations; Urban center operations; Cross border same day registration and early voting; Mail in election ballot harvesting, Voting Systems manipulation and more…

In fact, the precision with which it’s being carried out shows experience.

No wonder Hillary Clinton was so stunned when it failed in 2016. By 2020: plenty of time to game out the flaws, and fix the errors – right?

I guess it’s hard to throw an election and get away with it. But, it’s been done before – and it can be done again if we the people permit it. Cue the latest propaganda message.

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