Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid?

The basis of terrorism is fear.

That Corona virus is proving to be quite a useful distraction to the world, isn’t it?

The terrorists and tyrants of the world have certainly taken notice. Imagine their power if they developed both a contagious virus like a Corona variant, and the vaccine – possessing initial control over both…

Using these tools for evil, the “right” people could be infected, and the loyal could be protected. The nations that didn’t fall in line would literally die – leaving their infrastructure intact.

Besides, this epidemic has proven that it doesn’t have to be that lethal to completely disrupt economies, political systems and lives.

The media propaganda would help them in this evil effort. Perhaps it already has…

How has the suffering world reacted to release of this virus? We’re told it was an accident – and during the period of initial spread it’s release was completely denied. Once it was proven where this came from, news of the region was suppressed.

The world has massively suffered for this “accident”. Some accidents are so irresponsible that they represent either negligence or intent. What is the cost of this irresponsibility?

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