The Propaganda Farm Still Bears Fruit

As the media propaganda sensationalizes Covid-19 related deaths, remember that every single year, medical error and negligence cause 250,000 deaths in the United States. This kind of media action is irresponsible, typical of their manipulation of truth and should discredit them in the eyes of every America.

Their goal? With Biden complaining that he can’t do anything about Corona Virus until he gets access to Government as the (so far unelected) President Elect, it’s clear that they want to further discredit conservatives by heaping blame on the current president in spite of the actions that have lead to multiple effective vaccines.

Next look for the government sponsored witch hunts about the money spent to support the medical research associated with multiple parallel efforts to stop the pandemic. President Trump will get the blame for that too… not the credit. That, you see, is how propaganda works.

Oh… and as an American patriot… you are the next target.

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