Absolutely Nothing Spontaneous About It!

This writer is righteously angry about the lies we’re being fed.

It’s an entertaining and assertive read…


“Bluntly, as is continually evidenced by the hateful Left, it is impossible for Biden and his supporters to tone down the rhetoric dividing America—and, make no mistake, they have no intention of stopping.

Until they silence you.”

The lying media is now even corrupting the process of “news conferences”…

Joe Biden Comments on Claim President Trump Called Deceased U.S. Service Members “Losers” and “Suckers”

Here’s the complete unedited video of Biden spontaneously answering reporter questions yesterday. Supposedly, reporters don’t have to submit questions beforehand… but…

(so you don’t have to watch all of this travesty, start about 20 or 21 minutes into it and watch how he reads the answer to each reporter’s question – obviously all prepared ahead of time, and in order so he can’t get lost…)

There is obviously an ordered list of reporters that need to be called upon – it’s not spontaneous as seen in President Trump’s news conferences…

And there are obviously previously scripted responses that Biden has to look down and read after the question is asked… in order… it’s not spontaneous and neither is the response.

Then after studying the words, Joe speaks…

Previously scripted softball questions like the one from the Atlantic reporter are designed to let the echo chamber amplify their lackluster “reporting” based on anonymous sources that make unsubstantiated claims about President Trump – giving Biden the ability to further “expand” on the lies… And the spin spins on.

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