The Great Wheel of The Political Machine in America

Lawyers often become politicians. Unlike the carefully designed world of law, politics is the art of the possible. Kind of like the difference between a draftsman working on building plans and blueprints and an artist turning out abstract art. Both are interesting to look at. Both jobs can be done with care, and create interesting and useful things.

But government is different. In government, many lawyers run for office, get elected and then have the opportunity to constantly change the game, and often to their advantage. They become the architects.

At a minimum, they are experts in the rules that they change.

All politicians are addicted to money. Most “earned” it AFTER gaining power in office, but that is now changing as our moneyed class is attracted to “serve”…

“Serve who” is probably a good question.

That’s because once elected, politicians who were lawyers get the chance to change the rules, and often do so clandestinely to their own personal favor, and those with money that are now obligated to them. They change the architecture of the legal landscape.

And… Using computers, you get government designs that are the equivalent of Frank Gehry’s architecture.

And so a democratic republic descends into corruption.

Thus endeth the lesson.

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