Words matter…

Dean Weingarten has written an excellent explanation of why progressive prejudice has no place in our American system:


Most specifically, bogus references to “Gun Violence” are, in fact, an attempt to reassign responsibility for violent crimes from the criminals that choose to commit violence to the tools that they use. In this case, one specific tool that they choose. The gun.

There is a big difference between opposing violent criminals, and assigning all responsibility for their actions to blameless citizens who you then dedicate yourself to disarm. This is the essence of the leftist term “gun violence” – a made up concept for intolerant emotionally driven haters.

Murder, sexual assault, armed robbery and any number of other crimes are bad for society, and it’s in the government’s interest to stop the criminals that commit these crimes, regardless of their weapon of choice.

Justified homicide actually helps society because it’s how the worst of violent criminal attacks is often stopped by a victim. It’s in society’s and government’s interest to not interfere with a citizen’s right to defend oneself. That self defense needs effective means, and that means protecting the right to bear arms. Everywhere progressives have interfered with this basic human right, order has broken down and criminals have grown in power.

“Gun control” is against our fundamental constitutional principles for good reason. It interferes with self-defense and stopping criminals.

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