How long will we tolerate the lies?

“That nasty mean NRA and all the other untrustworthy gun owners that are getting kids killed made them do it.”

“They just don’t care.”

“They are monsters.”

“We should expect to be attacked.”

“We want to stay away from schools because the NRA made them unsafe.”

“The government is here to protect us.”

etc… etc… etc…

Of course,  none of this has to do with violent people that school administrations permit to be bullied for long periods of time; complete breakdown of civil order and police control; irresponsible teachers and councilors that keep giving troublemakers a pass rather than deal with the fallout of stopping them; defense free school campuses nationwide; the list goes on.

Just how many school shootings happened prior to the 1990 Federal Gun Free School Zones Act? The trend of attacks following this law’s enactment and the update in 1996 is not encouraging. This is the unintended consequence of poorly conceived legislation.

This is not a conservative or liberal issue. There is ample evidence that making schools “Gun Free Zones” really makes them “Defense Free” sitting ducks. It’s not a Democrat or Republican issue either unless the politicians want it to be.

It’s a very simple thing. Like all “prohibition” laws, the unintended consequences are more horrific than the original problem that politicians were trying to solve.

Liberals and Democrats that dig in their heels to support ineffective, irresponsible and negligent school boards, administrators, teacher, staff, police agencies, counselors and psychiatrists are literally opening up opportunities for disturbed and violent people to kill our children.

It’s time for this to stop by letting parents and school staff protect children.

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